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Tot School isn't really school at all!  Don't let the name confuse you!  Tot School is basically a focused time each day on the tot in your family.  For those of us with older children who are homeschooled, we often place a lot of emphasis on them while the tots just *play.*  This isn't bad, it just didn't work for me.  Personally, I felt I was losing valuable 1 on 1 time with my precious tot that I had with my first child since he was the only one then.  Tot School is the time each day I spend with my tot, exposing early learning skills through FUN play.  Tot School is not forced, is always fun, sometimes doesn't happen the way I plan, and is always focused on my tot.

Tot School is fun.  If it becomes un-fun, something is wrong!  I personally do not believe in forcing early learning, I only believe in exposing.  Some of my "best" ideas are rejected by my tot :), she knows best when it comes to Tot School!
Is your child ready to move on from Tot School?  Head on over to the Preschool Corner, hosted by Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations!  Please remember that although the age range for Tot School is 12-47 months, it is more about stages than ages.  Each child is different!
Download Tot School Planning and Assessment Forms here

I also included a blank one in case you have your own specific goals for your tot.  To read how I handle assessment in our Tot School, click here to read my blog post about these forms.
Tot School was developed here!  The name has spread far and wide across the Internet, but if you're wondering where the name originally came from, you are in the right place!  My oldest son gave the name to this concept when he was just 6 years old.  You can read the story here! Here's the very first time the term Tot School appeared on our blog in 2008.

Tot School isn't really school at all, it is simply a name given to the idea of learning through play at home during the younger years. You can read much more below!