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You Can Read! is a simple sight word program I developed with younger readers in mind.  Children learn to read at different ages and some show the reading readiness signs at much younger ages than others.  These children are ready to learn words and reading skills, they just aren't ready for complex worksheets and activities often available to children who are a bit older when they are learning.  I created this program for children who are showing reading readiness signs at a younger age, approximately ages 3-5.  Older children can use these printables and activities also, they were just created with a younger reader in mind!

The printables are based on the Dolch Pre Primer & Primer Sight Word lists, as well as a few I added in, for a total of 72 words. To see the entire word list, and list of activities included in each set, see the You Can Read Information Page.

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Sight Word Readers:
Find It!, Farm Friends

First Little Readers:
What Can I See?, Class Pets
Sight Word Readers:
Me Too!, My Dog

First Little Readers:
I Can Draw
Sight Word Readers:
My Bear, Animals

First Little Readers:
I Like School, What is For Supper?
You Can Read ~ Units 6-10
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