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Why an Ad-Free Section?
For you and for me!  I know many people will want access to the printable units for this program before I release them for free on my blog.  This is a way for you to get them earlier than the public, AND also support our mission work!  We are faith-supported missionaries and use this extra income to keep our support needs to a minimum.  You also get the joy of a clear ad-free page to download your files from at anytime! I am always thinking of new ideas also, and will only be including any new add-ons to the program in the ad-free section!

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You Can Read! is a simple sight word program I developed with younger readers in mind.  Children learn to read at different ages and some show the reading readiness signs at much younger ages than others.  These children are ready to learn words and reading skills, they just aren't ready for complex worksheets and activities often available to children who are a bit older when they are learning.  I created this program for children who are showing reading readiness signs at a younger age, approximately ages 3-5.  Older children can use these printables and activities also, they were just created with a younger reader in mind!

The printables are based on the Dolch Pre Primer & Primer Sight Word lists, as well as a few I added in, for a total of 72 words. To see the entire word list, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.  In addition to the base 72 words, there are printable sets for color and number words {1-10}.

There are 4 words in each printable unit for a total of 18 units.  The units are offered in a suggested order, but can be used in any order.  I have included the following different printable activities to make learning these sight words fun for your young reader!

Cover Sheet/Final Certificate
Color/Trace Flash Cards
Word Builiding
Play Doh Mats
Color By Word
Trace to Match
Matching Words/Making Shapes
Find the Word {different fonts}
Word Puzzles
Word Search
Find the Words {in sentences}
Writing Practice
There are also detailed learning guides sheets in each packet with helpful information!
You can see which units are available for free already here on the You Can Read webpage.  All units will be eventually released for free, as I truly like to help those who cannot afford even a small additional homeschooling expense!

I also have an ad-free section which you can read about below.
You will receive a direct link and the password needed to enter the Ad Free section.  I ask that you do not share this link with anyone, as it will not be posted anywhere else on my site and only given out to individuals who have joined.  It is also password protected in case anyone stumbles upon it by accident, please don't share the password either.

Once you have the link and the password, you are free to download anything you like!  You will need to bookmark the link and/or record it somewhere, as it will not be linked up anywhere publicly.
Add Ons for the You Can Read Program!
{only available in the ad-free section}
Box Handwriting & Spelling Practice
Unit Review BINGO
Reading & Writing Words Assessment
Sight Word Sensory Bin Search
Stamp a Sight Word
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