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Here's a text list of a few things on our wish list and some things we already own and love.  You can copy and paste into their page to search for them by name or by item #.  Some are great for Tot Trays, some are good for other schooling!  I will add to this list as I think of things!

Our Wish List &/or Recommendations...
  • Foam Math Dice $4.99/dozen MK-39/716
  • 500 Awesome Oval Links $9.99/500 MK-60/6501
  • Alphabet Bean Bags $19.99/26  MK-61/4003
  • Geometric Shaped Bean Bags $12.99/14 MK-61/4010
  • 1-12 Number Bean Bags $12.99/12 MK-61/4011
  • 1 lb of Great Big Buttons $8.99/94 MK 57-8500
  • 500 USA Self Adhesive Foam Shapes $7.99/500 MK-57/332

We Own and Love...
  • Paint Palettes $3.99/12 MK-56/3019
  • Porcupine Painters $8.99/100 MK-56/2907
  • Classroom Calendar Pocket Chart $14.99/set MK-62/2017
  • 1 lb of PomPoms $10.99/550 MK-57/8006

Discount School Supply is also a great place to order Tot Tray supplies.  They even have a couple of alternatives to the OT trays I have.

Possible Tray Alternatives...
  • Brawny Tough Plastic Art Trays, Item #: 8WWARTRAY $13.95/5 trays
  • Colorations Mini Art Trays, Item #: 8WWMTRAY $14.99/12 trays

Kids Travel Happy also carries trays and neat supplies, here are the trays that look VERY similar to the ones I have...