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See a blog post here showing how we are using the printables!

You do NOT have to go in any special order...they are not based on anything that requires an order.  We are personally going A-Z just to make things simple, but you could easily go in any order!

This is NOT a complete K teaching program but could easily be used as a base for exposing K level skills.  We are doing a combo of this, You Can Read, and portions of our Calvert program.  We also still pull in Preschool Packs-which are becoming more and more like Kindergarten Packs these days as we add in more advanced skills!  I also have a series of Kindergarten Printables I will be using with him.
We Recommend
Buy the RRSK Bundle
{All letters, A-Z, are available}
Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

What is RRSK?
RRSK was created as an extension to RRSP {Raising Rock Stars Preschool}.  My son Krash completed the RRSP program from ages 3.5-4.5 and I didn't want to end there.  We used the RRSK printables to supplement and bring back the ABC Bible verses into his school time! 

Another good use for these extension printables would be if you have an older and younger child working together at home.  It is a great way to pick and choose from different skills for each child's level.  You can even do a combo of printables from both RRSP and RRSK-based on the needs of your children!

What is included in RRSK?
  • Trace the Bible verse
  • Cut and glue the verse in order
  • What starts with__?
  • Color and trace the sight word
  • Vocabulary work
  • Phonics
  • Shapes & Colors...following directions
  • Math Fun {a different K math skill to review each week}
  • Dictating stories
  • Sign Language ABCs