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Below you will see everything that is included in the Raising Lil' Rock Stars GROUP Bundle, which is $35.00.
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After your purchase you receive access to a private webpage where you can come to download your files at anytime.  Any additions in the future are included at no charge and are added to the private webpage.

The Group Bundle is for group use and can be shared between classes at the same church/school. 
The Group version has everything the home version has and also contains pages specifically to save ink and paper when printing for a group. 
Teacher Helps
A one page printable showing the page numbers of activities, as a reference guide to use when planning.
A one page printable giving a more detailed description of how each page is intended to be used.
A one page printable showing a lesson plan idea for group use.  This is a suggested plan but each class will be different and can learn at their own pace.  The Home lesson plan is also included if needed.
Understanding the verse in context is very important.  For each verse I created a simple sheet for a teacher to read to remind or learn what part of the Bible the verse being taught is from. 
Student Pages
This is the story to illustrate the meaning of the key word and Bible verse.  It is meant to be a discussion.
While reading and discussing, this is a large page of just the image so your class can see easily during the discussion/reading.
This is a display poster to hang in your classroom, or put in a notebook for review.
There are 2 options for coloring, either full page or 1/2 pages.
{only available in the bundle}
Verse tracer
Color, trace, write the letter. 
Also find the letter within the verse and trace it.
In a group, use this as a signature page, having each child who attends during that lesson sign their name on the letter!
One page containing a small flashcard, verse bracelet {or chain link}, and display circle {to make a "verse caterpillar"}.
The final page is a triangular banner to be cut out and displayed in your room if desired.
Cut and glue set; includes a page to cut out the words individually, and also gluing pages shown. 
One page is blank for older kids, and one has light words for matching.
Verses and Key Words at a glance.
Any additional extras which could be added at a later date will also be included in your bundle, you will have lifelong access to the private page and can go back and download anything new I add.
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Multiple per page tracing sheets and verse bracelets/links.
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