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What in the world does "Raising Rock Stars" mean?
The meaning and vision behind Raising Rock Stars is shared here! You can see the main Raising Rock Stars webpage here, which shares our family Bible time together.

Why NIV version?
Honestly because it is the version my church uses, which is where I teach children's church.  When I chose the words I wasn't set on a version, but after lots of research and comparisons, I decided on NIV for it's simplicity in word choice for younger kids. I realize many opinions are out there about Bible version use, and because of the choice I made this program may not work for you.  I will say, the context of the words and verses are similar, and that is the focus.  You don't have to have the children memorize the verses if you use a different version in your home or church.

What is the target age for this?
The target age is age 3-6, with the ability to take the discussion up a notch or down a notch.  I would say a 4 1/2 year old would be the exact target, but it largely depends on the child. 

Are the stories meant to be read aloud or used as discussion?
I wrote the stories to be a mix of both.  I envisioned myself sitting in front of my Children's Church class {4/5 year olds} and reading them aloud.  You'll find the stories have questions and moments where it is obvious the kids should join in the discussion. You certainly can simply read them aloud word for word, but the heart behind the stories is to use them as a discussion with the child{ren} you are teaching.

Why a new A-Z version?
I have always wanted to write my own stories and have the key word be within the verse rather that just the first letter {as it is in the RRSP/RRSK version which uses the book My ABC Bible Verses}.  I have also always wanted consistent artwork throughout, which I recently was able to purchase.  Choosing words that I wanted to emphasize with young children as they grow in their faith was a big component for me and this is why I developed a brand new program.  I also wanted to start from scratch and make a group use version, with printable pages that were better when printing in bulk for larger groups.

What's the difference between this new version and the RRSP and RRSK version?
I created a chart to help see the basic differences, and below you can see it and also a few bullet points regarding the similarities and differences.
  • RRSP is more of a home preschool program;  with a focus also on numbers, colors, vocabulary, letter tracing, and more.  RRSK uses the same verses, just adds in K level skills.
  • RLRS is more of a Bible verse with letter focus add on, for the early childhood years.  If you’re using another home preschool or K program and want an easy way to add in a Bible focus along with a letter ID focus, this is it!  RLRS can easily go alongside of another letter of the week program.
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