Here you will find free printables to help your preschooler explore colors.  Happy Learning!
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Use our free printables to expose your preschooler or Kindergartner to a wide variety skills!  I recommend printing anything your child will be using more than once on cardstock and laminating pieces if possible.  We use the laminator pictured below (love it!) and have used both the
pouches that come with as well as the Office Depot Brand.  They both work great!
Color Puzzles

Use these simple puzzles in a variety of ways.  Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut them apart.  You
can attach velcro
Colo Puzzles #2

This is just a different version of the color puzzles shown above!  Add velcro dots to the pieces to them!

Coming Soon!

to them if your child is like mine and hates the wiggling.  Or even put them in a file folder with velcro for a fun file folder game.