Preschool Adventure
Cost: $.99
This is a very simple app for tots, Krash has it and likes it.  His favorite part is the matching section.  The numbers section is currently to hard for him (41 mos), so we have room to grow with this one!

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Cost: $.99
This is a great one to go along with our Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed Tot Pack!  Very simple, good for the younger tot. Krash likes it, Ladybug {at age 12 months} loves it!

Wheels on the Bus
Cost: $.99
Krash loves this simple version of the classic song.  He can make the items in the song do all sorts of things with just a touch of his little finger!

Cost: FREE
This is one of Krash's favorite games...he uses his finger to blow up a blowfish as big as he can before the spiky ball comes to hit it!

Shape Builder
Cost: $.99
This game is awesome!  K moves the different colored shapes onto the puzzle and when he's done, the picture comes alive.  Great for visual discrimination and vocabulary development!

i write words
Cost: $1.99
This app is awesome!!!  They have a free lite version also so you can test it 1st.  I tried a few letter tracing games and this one blows the others away, we love it!

Toddler Teasers-Shapes
Cost: FREE
This is a very simple "find-the-shape" game.  After a few shape "quizzes" the child gets to put a sticker on his virtual sheet.  There is also a paid version of this app here, which includes alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors!

Giraffe's Matching Zoo
Cost: FREE
A simple match-the-animals game, Krash loves it {age 45 mos}

Dr. Seuss ABC
Cost: $.99 {currently}
This is the book, with some interaction to it!  It is very cute, especially if you like Dr. Seuss! Krash is enjoying this now at 45 months old.

Baby Piano {Lite}
Cost: FREE
A simple piano app, we only have the free version.  There is also a paid version you can see here.

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Tickle Tap
Cost: $3.99 for set, or $1.99 each
We were given this set to review and we love it!  Krash enjoys all of the games, especially the Field Flyer one.  Ladybug and Krash both LOVE the Sound Shaker and Field Flier.  The graphics are precious!

First Words Sampler
Cost: FREE
This is a cute word building game, I like that it uses lower case letters.  You can buy versions of this game also, but we love the free one!

Cost: $.99
This is so simple and Ladybug at age 1 LOVES it!  She just touches the screen and different letters, shapes, etc {which you can set to how they display} show up.  She can also move them around and make them bigger!

Team UmiZoomi
Cost: FREE {and a paid version for $1.99}
Krash loves Team UmiZoomi {age 47 months} so this app was a big hit with him!

Animal Hide & Seek
Cost: $.99
Ladybug {age 1} loves this app.  The animals hide in various scenes and she touches them to make them come out.  She has favorites and they make her giggle, it's super cute!

TeachMe {Toddler, Kindergarten, 1st Grade)
Cost: .99 each
A wonderfully, simple teaching app.  It has sticker scenes that provide reinforcement.  Krash LOVES this app!