Cost: FREE
This is a great challenge for Pac Man, and Mommy too ;).  A very in depth app for FREE!

Cost: FREE
This is one of Pac Man's favorite games...he uses his finger to blow up a blowfish as big as he can before the spiky ball comes to hit it!  This is actually a family favorite!

Doodle Jump
Cost: $.99
Pac Man and my mom have an ongoing challenge with this silly game.  Nothing too educational here, just simple, clean fun!

Math Drills
Cost: $.99
This is an awesome math facts app.  It is really helping Pac Man with memorizing math facts-in a fun and challenging way-he loves it too!!!

Cost: FREE
A simple but fun game, nothing educational, just fun!  Krash likes watching Pac Man play this one...especially when the lady screams as she falls off the side!
US State Flashcards
Cost: Free
A simple learn the states app, great practice!
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