Homeschooling presented a unique challenge to calendar time on many different levels.  In a regular school setting, you have children all in the same grade...with homeschool you don't.  In a regular school setting you have more space... with homeschool you don't {usually} ! Currently my sons are 4 and 8, and this is how we have adapted calendar time to work for us in our home.  You will find everything you need here, from videos to printables, to set up something very similar in your home!  You can see our 1st Calendar page here.
We have our entire calendar {the extension} on one foam poster-sized board, which we got at Target for $2.99!  Below are all of the supplies I used to create our calendar board:

  • Dry Erase Board {I got mine from Target}
  • Calendar-we got it at Oriental Trading, it is kept separately from the foam board.  The item # for OT is MK-62/2017.

I made the weather cards smaller this year so I could add in a season card.  We still sing the same song as last year.

Weather/Season Cards

________ of the Day

I scaled everything down to a smaller size so we could include more this year.  We still do a color song like we did last year, it just has different cards!

Shape, Animal, Color, State
~these can all be downloaded in the same file by clicking the words above. Included you will also see smaller versions of the songs.  The full pages are on my other Calendar webpage!

Letter of the Day
~this is from a set of ABC Movement cards found here.  I scaled them down and printed 16 to a page {how-to scale down PDF files}.

Character Trait of the Day
These were found here, and were also scaled down to print 16 per page {how-to scale down PDF files}.

Download the base sheet for "______ of the Day" here!
Days in School

This awesome chart was created by Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations you can download it on her blog.

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Books of the Bible

A couple of years ago I created a Bible Lapbook for Pac Man, and a portion of that was pulled out to be used daily on our calendar this year.  In the videos you can see the songs that go with this portion. Please excuse my singing, I hate doing this but know that it will help someone out there, so I did it!

Books of the Bible

Photobucket   Photobucket
Calendar Notebook

We added in a calendar notebook component in November 2011, you can read a blog post telling all about it here and also see a video of the actual notebook in the post!

Download the calendar notebook pages here!