The Members Only section is ad-free, and all links are organized on one simple page to make browsing easier for you.  I do my best to add new content, but there are no schedules or guarantees {thus no recurring fee-just a one time thing-also to help save you some $$}. 

What PowerPoint Shows Are There Now & What is Coming?
The main PowerPoint shows are based on my Raising Rock Stars Preschool program.  I offer the main printables for free, but the shows are Members Only. Here you can see a video of me teaching Krash using one of the shows, so you can see it in action.  There is a show for each unit available.
What's in the Members Only Section?
Mostly PowerPoint learning shows!  I have created unique, interactive, graphic-rich shows to provide a simple way of learning.  These shows are not available for free anywhere on my site, they will only be here.  There are also a few printables in the Members Only section, although the main focus is definitely the PowerPoint shows!  Once you join, you will have access to any shows I add!  It is a ONE TIME joining fee-not yearly.  Once you join, you are in for good, I just ask that you please do not "share" your membership with someone else.  It is for one person/family only.

All material provided on this website, is copyright protected
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Visit my new
Members Only ~ What's New
page to see images and descriptions of everything currently available and what
is coming soon!

Another key show available only to members is my USA Geography show.  It goes through all 50 states in alphabetical order, emphasizing the capital, location, and abbreviation.

Why a Members Only Section?
I have been blogging for several years now, have been sharing files I create {for free} for almost as long!  It is a passion of mine and something I truly enjoy doing.  I enjoy both the creative side and the sharing side.  I truly love to help other homeschooling families.  I offer many files for free here on my website, which is something I most certainly plan on continuing! 
After much prayer we {my husband and I} decided it was time to venture into this area.  We are full time faith-supported missionaries {meaning we do not receive a paycheck from the inner city church we work for, we raise support from individuals which comes together to become our paycheck}, with a strong desire to become more self-supported.  My husband leads a growing addictions ministry which is in need of funding to grow!  We have big dreams for the ministry and would love to use the money we raise from supporters of our missionary work to go towards this ministry rather than our own personal financial needs.  This Members Only PowerPoint section will help us with that!  It is a simple fund-raising method for our family and we thank you for thinking about joining us to help further our ministry here!  In return I hope to bless you with unique learning tools to use for your family!  If you'd like to read more, please see my introduction blog post here.

How it works after you join...

You will submit your payment via PayPal, which will then redirect you to your login info immediately.  Please remember to wait for this redirect.  You will also get an email from eJunkie with a direct link to the login info page AND it will also be in the email just to be sure you have no trouble accessing it! If you have any problems please email me, leave me a comment on a blog post, or on my Facebook page. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS first!!!

Once you have the link and the password, you are free to download anything you like!  You will need to bookmark the link and/or record it somewhere, as it will not be linked up anywhere publicly.

The fine print...
  • If I were to ever need to take the site down or change it for any reason, I will notify all existing members in plenty of time so they can save files to their own hardrives.  I have NO plans of leaving or changing anything, just want to cover all of my bases.
  • I will not be offering refunds of any sort-I simply do not have time for that, I am sorry.  If you are unsure, please test the free PowerPoint show available in the Tot School Printables Letter Aa section to be sure you can play it correctly on your computer.  Mac users will be fine now!  We uploaded an entire set of Mac friendly shows, so there should be no issues as long as you can view PowerPoints!
  • You will be told the names of fonts I use and where you can download them for free so your shows will view the same way I created them.  A default font will be substituted if the font is not installed on your computer.
  • If you do not know how to use PowerPoint or don't have it, please research on your own before buying a membership.  As much as I would love to offer tutorials, I just don't have the time...I am too busy creating things!  I  have a free sample show I can email to you if you want to test it out before you join.  If you don't have Power Point, Microsoft offers a free viewer here.

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