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Ordinal #s 1st-5th
All 50 States; focusing on capital, abbreviation, and location.

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USA Geograhy Books & Games
USA Geography
26 letters in alphabetical order. Focusing on identifying upper and lower case letters.

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Upper/Lower Case Printable Activity
Upper/Lower Case ABCs



RRSP Printable Units are available for free here.

The WHITE letters have PowerPoints available at this time.  PowerPoint shows are ONLY available to members.
Simple show teaching and reviewing oridnal #s 1st-5th.  Reviews ordinals in and out of order. Show also comes with a set of printables.

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Fun ABCs
A simple show to help young tots work on ABC order.  Letters pop up 1 at a time in alphabetical order.

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Printables Here {free}
Armor of God
This is a show I created for my children to view during our Raising Rock Stars family time.  Learn more below...

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RRSP Review Printables
All review printables are currently available to members as a bonus to the PowerPoint shows!

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RRSP Key Cards
Each PowerPoint has a slide that reviews the shape, color, letter, number, and sight word.  This set of printables can be used to go along with those.  They are the same size as the RRSP Review Printables set shown above, so can easily be added in.  All 26 key cards are available.

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Here you will see PowerPoint shows that are currently available in the Members Only section.  If you are not a member yet, I hope this page will help you decide if a membership will benefit your family. 

Interested in learning more about the Members Only section, please visit the main page here.  If you are ready to join, just click the PayPal button on the right!

A-Z Vocabulary Cards
The vocabulary cards are available as a stand alone PDF file and all letters are complete.  This file is a bonus to members in addition to the PowerPoint shows!

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This is a show I created for my children to view during our Raising Rock Stars family time.  Learn more below...

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Printables Here {free}
Simple CVC Words
CVC {consonant-vowel-consonant} words: cat, dog, web, bed, bus, hat, pig, rat, pen, fan. Letters appear 1 by 1 to help child focus on sounds, then blending. An image appears after the word.

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Introduce and review the 8 planets.  This show works on size order, order from the sun, characteristics of each planet and incoorporates God's word!

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Free Printable Unit Here
Solar System Books Here
Solar System: Planets
Reading w/ Bob Books
This is a simple show emphasizing words in the 1st set of Bob Books for beginning readers.  Currently the show for books 1-7 is available, with books 8-12 coming soon!
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ABCs ~ Transportation Theme

My son Pac Man is creating this show with me.  The idea is comletely his and we are building it together! It goes through the alphabet and the child finds the lowercase letter.  The wrong letters go away and the correct remains along with a smiling face and cheering!
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Counting 1-10
A fun show to work on counting 1-10.  The show includes simple counting, and also counting shapes.  There is also a set of printable cards.

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ASL Alphabet
This is a show featuring the American Sign Language Alphabet.  There is a teaching/review portion, and also a "quiz" portion which is self correcting.  A set of printable flash cards is also included.

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This is a show featuring colors slides from the RRSP shows.  This is a great way to review and teach all 10 basic colors in one show!

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Rhyming Words
Introduce or review rhyming words with this show.  Each slide gives your child 3 choices, with the following slide showing the correct answer.  A review is included at the end also!

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