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In 2012 I developed You Can Read Sight Words for my son when he was learning to read.  I always wanted to make a version focused on word families and finally have!

You Can Read Word Families focuses on 4 simple CVC words from each word family.  I chose to only choose 4 words to keep it simple for younger kids who use these {same as my sight word version}. The target age range for these is Kindergarten, although some preschoolers will be ready for these.  It truly depends on the child.  My daughter wasn't ready until age 5 1/2 but my son was ready right before he turned 5.  All kids are different and reading readiness comes at different times.

I offer many of the printables for free and they are on my blog within the blog posts sharing the file in action.  All individual files are in my Teacher's Notebook store.
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