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Want to know why we are named 1+1+1=1?  It's not because we are bad at math!  Go here to read our post on the blog telling about our unique name and what it means. 
We are a Christian missionary family, serving full time in Inner City America.  We have lived and served in one of America's roughest inner-city neighborhoods for over 10 years with no plans to leave.

Want to know what we believe?  Click here!
My husband and I have been married for over 14 years.  We are a feisty pair; we love to laugh, tease, and have fun!  We are passionate about our Lord and live to serve HIM!
Pac Man is in 6th grade, and loves life.  He is passionate about the Lord and is a wonderful big brother to his younger siblings! See all blog posts about Pac Man here.

Krash is 7, and fully lives up to his nickname-he always has a boo-boo.   He is a competitive gymnast, which is great for his  massive energy!  Krash is our wild child, but also our most obedient...a nice combo!  See all blog posts about Krash here.

Ladybug is our only daughter and she is 4. She is sweet, sassy, fiesty, strong willed, adorable, fun, and awesome!  See all posts featuring Ladybug here.

When I began blogging years ago, we had no idea where it would lead!  God obviously had big plans we could have never imagined!  Through the years we have prayed and followed what we feel to be God's plan in all of this.  As my blog grew, we decided to keep our personal life a bit more private (changing to blog names, not using our last name, etc.), but felt led to allow the blog to grow.

I see my blog(s) and this website as a ministry to other moms, sharing the talents God has blessed me with.  We have also been financially blessed as doors have opened up for affiliates and advertisers.  This is a true blessing as we are supported financially by donations as missionaries. The money we receive from advertising is such a help to both our personal and ministry life.  If you are interested in shopping with our affiliates to help us out in this way, you can see them all here!
Being a former public school teacher, I must admit I NEVER thought I would ever homeschool my children!  We began homeschooling out of necessity, as the area we live in boasts some of the worst public schools in the country.  Not only are most of them low performing, they are violent and unsafe for our children.  Private school wasn't an option due to funding, so homeschooling became our solution.  We chose a public cyber charter school, as our state is one of about 13 in the nation to offer this.  We are able to use Calvert curriculum through our cyber school, so it is basically like traditional homeschooling, which I love!  We began homeschooling when Pac Man was in Pre K, although I did not fully embrace it until about midway through Kindergarten, which is about when I began my blog!  Slowly, God's plan for our family became our passion also.  We absolutely LOVE homeschooling now and would never go back to traditional school.  We feel so blessed in so many ways and are thankful God has taken us down this path!