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Below you will find photos and links to our favorite things.  I get asked often about what I would recommend for an upcoming birthday or holiday...this page was created for that reason! Many of the links are affiliate links, so we will get a percentage if you choose to order something through one of our links. We personally OWN everything listed (if the item was given free as a former review/giveaway item, I will clearly state that under the photo) and will never recommend something we don't love ourselves! This is why I use actual photos of the products we are recommending, to show that we do indeed own them and use them! Happy shopping!

As many of you know, we have 3 children, so our recommendations come from these little ones... 
Born... April 2002
Born... May 2006
Born... April 2009
All 3 of our kids love our Wedgits.  We have the Deluxe set, but you can get many different sets here on Amazon.
You can get these as an individual set, or as a part of the chalk/dry erase board, like this.  We have both!
As you can see we use ours for more than just a puzzle!  We got ours at Ross, but they have a great one here at Toys R Us, that is very similar.
This is an awesome book!  It comes with foam shapes to build each letter of the alphabet, and a little bag to keep the shapes in.  Get it here on Amazon!
We were sent this PlasmaCar free for review, it has become a family favorite.  I highly recommend this car, because everyone in the family can use it!  Get one here on Amazon!
We had the small version of this for a long time and then got the monster set...it is WONDERFUL!!!  We paid way to much at a teacher store, get yours here on Amazon!
Our FAVORITE alphabet puzzle!  You can see Krash using a hammer to hammer his letters in...tons of fun for a tot!  Get yours here on Amazon
This is the lowercase version of our FAVORITE alphabet puzzle!  Get yours here on Amazon.
Dot Paint is awesome for tots, and big kids like it too!!!  Little mess, tons of fun! Get it here on Amazon!
LOVE Automoblox!!!!  We got ours on a whim when they had them on clearance at Target...I am SO glad we did!  These little cars have been a favorite for a very long time (both boys love them).  Get yours here on Amazon!
We love our collection of musical instruments.  We have collected ours from various places over the years and they are always a favorite!  Here are some neat sets on Amazon... here, here and here.
Laurie Berkner has been a favorite since Pac Man was young, we have had it for years!  It is a wonderful way to have fun and get out some energy!
Get it here on Amazon!
Although these are hard to store, they are wonderful and both boys LOVE them.  I am glad we own them.  We have these from Lillian Vernon.
This is just one of our wooden cutting food sets.  These are wonderful toys, and the boys never grow tired of them!  Find many different sets here on Amazon!
We got our small wooden blocks on clearance one year after Christmas at CVS, and it was the best $5 I spent!  The boys play with these all the time, plus these ARE easy to store!  Get some neat ones here on Amazon, or here on Lillian Vernon.
K got this awesome name board for his birthday when he turned 1.  It hangs on the wall, and comes down for him to play with...it is awesome!  You can get one here on Amazon!
These are large metal balls and sticks that hook together magnetically.  The boys love these!  Get them here on Amazon (they come in different sized sets).
This is the same marble track I had in my K classroom when I was a teacher!  The boys LOVE this, and play with it all the time.  This is the best one I found online at Toys R Us (I actually might buy the boys this one to add on to ours!)
We simply LOVE our Ahh! Prods Bean Bag Chairs!  We were given one to review and have partnerned with Ahh! Prods to share their wonderful bean bags with our readers.
We were sent this bike free for review and it is amazing.  If you have a younger child ages 1-3 who is not yet riding a real bike, get this as their first bike!  It is adjustable and will grow with your child.  We LOVE ours!  Find an assortment on Amazon here.
We won these hand made blocks in a giveaway and then hosted a giveaway also!  We have a set for Krash and for Ladybug and love them!  Perfect for a gift and for name practice!  Get yours here!