You may have noticed the BIG bundle sale I am a contributing author for.  You may have glanced over it a few times {or maybe a few more than a few if you read other blogs}, and maybe had a few thoughts about it.

May I take a moment to tell you {in a non salesperson-y way} how this bundle like this works for all of us?

1 ~ Authors contribute an eBook {You Can Read Bundle was from me} and we jump in the pot of authors. As authors, we make an affiliate fee for each bundle sold through our link. This fee ends up being worth more than the product I contributed.  See why I jump to participate? It is a huge financial blessing to our family.

2 ~ The creators of the bundle work their tails off to organize it all and help us behind the scenes. They make money on the whole shabang too, obviously.

3 ~ Companies jump on board with free {yes free, not just coupons where you end up paying more than the coupon was worth} offers.  Why?  Think ~ advertising to thousands!

4 ~ The people who purchase the bundle {possibly YOU} get an incredible deal on eBooks and free products.  Seriously, it is an amazing deal even if you only tap into 1/4 of it all!

What about the whole eBook thing? Is it still confusing to you?  Let me share how I use eBooks, very simply.  I have an iPad, which uses iBooks.  I add my pdf files {eBooks} into my iTunes account and then plug in my ipad and sync. Bam, eBooks in iBooks and I am reading anything I want without having to remember to lug the book up to bed with me.

Kindle user?  This year they added a new option, for just $10 more you get all of the PDF files AND the Kindle files.  Best of both worlds!  Personally I only use the PDF files because I prefer iBooks, but if you prefer Kindle, this option is awesome for you!

The Bonus offers are amazing and just might get you to try something new. I sure have {from this bundle and past bundles}

Want to know the totally for FREE {no shipping cost or anything} bonus offers…

  • FREE 2-Month Online Fitness Membership at Fit2B™ Studio
  • FREE 3-month membership OR 3 free ePlanners from ListPlanIt
  • FREE One Month Pro Membership from Once a Month Meals.

There are more amazing bonus offers here.  Those are just my favorite totally free bonuses!

Oh, and I am offering a special bonus for my readers who have already purchased You Can Read and don’t really care for a duplicate. You can just email me with your receipt and I will send you any of my other products in my store.

NEW "Pay in May" Option from the UHB Team...

"You asked, we listened. We've heard from many who want to buy the bundle, but simply don’t have it in the budget until May 1st. Since the sale ends for good on Monday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM, we’ve come up with a way for you to have your cake and eat it, too. From now until the sale ends on Monday night, you can choose to order the bundle but defer payment until May 1st.

By completing this payment form, you are purchasing the bundle today, but your card will be charged on May 1st, 2014 in the full amount of $39.97 (Kindle version) or $29.97 (PDF version). Once it has been processed, you will receive access to your bundle."

Pay in May PDF Order Form

Pay in May Kindle Order Form