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The Tiny Tot

When Ladybug was a Tiny Tot I included her activities in the weekly Tot School posts that featured Krash.  Scroll to the bottom of the Tot School post to see Ladybug's portion.

10 Months ~  Bells
10.5 Months ~ Baby Block Play
10.5 Months ~ Ping Pong Balls

11 Months ~ Spools
11 Months ~ Homemade Shakers
11.5 Months ~ Plastic Eggs & Easter Grass
11.5 Months ~ String & Cups
11.5 Months ~ In & Out
We have been Tot Schooling for years now, since my middle child was just under 2.  This page is dedicate to sorting the many ideas I have collected over that time in a way to make it easier for the newer "Tot Schoolers".

Below you will see all of my blog posts archived by the age {in months} my children were.  The posts will include Ladybug and/or Krash and are sorted by their age.

Have fun browsing and collecting ideas of fun ways to engage with your tot!

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21-23 Months Old
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Ages 24-35 Months
Ages 36-47 Months {coming soon}