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I just wanted to thank you for sharing the lessons you’re doing with Krash. I started 3 weeks ago with my 2.5 year old doing the parts of it he can do and changing out some of the activities to suit him. Anyway, long story short, last night my son was looking at a book during the sermon at church and the preacher quoted Matthew 5:16 in the middle of making a point and my son looked up from his book, smiled at me and whispered “Mommy, he’s talking about our Christian light”. It was such a wonderful moment to realize that he had not only retained that for a few weeks, but that he recognized it even while he was engaged in another activity – AND got excited about it.  Thanks so much for giving us that special moment and many more!
I often get emails that literally bring tears to my eyes.  My online life is my ministry for this season of my life.  To hear your kind words and that God's word is penetrating your little one's heart...priceless!  Thank you for sharing, thank for taking the time to say thank you.  If you have something to share, please email me your thoughts!  If you have a blog, I will gladly link to your blog here also if you feature the program in action.
Do you feature RRSP on your blog?  Please send me your blog link, and I will include it here.  I would like to direct the link straight to your RRSP posts only, so if you use labels, please send me the direct link to all of your RRSP posts!
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By helping to spread the word about RRSP, you are helping to share the Gospel of Christ!!!  You are also helping to support our missionary family financially!  When you blog about the program, share our button, tell your friends about are helping!  Thank you so much for your support and I am honored that you enjoy the program.
~ Jennifer