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This is a Tot Pack featuring many different printables for you to use with your tot or preschooler.  Put some together into a Tot Book, or keep them separate for a Tot Pack.

Use a Tot Book or a Tot Pack to expose your toddler or preschooler to a wide variety of fun learning activities!  I recommend printing anything your tot will be using more than once on cardstock and laminating pieces if possible.  We use the laminator pictured below (love it!) and have used both the pouches that come with as well as the Office Depot Brand.  They both work great!
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~ Love Fun ~
These love printables will give your tot or preschooler hours of fun and exposure to early learning skills like ABCs, counting, shapes, colors, patterns, sorting, and more!  You can use each different printable in various ways as you choose the skills to expose your child to.  Be creative and have fun!

Heart ABCs
Matching Hearts in Shapes
Love Bug Matching
ABC Accordion
Animals in Love
Custom Search
Many Colored Hearts
A coloring book for your tot to make and put together.  Practice reading after it is done!

Blank Heart Board
Use this to write anything on and have your child find when you call it out!  Use pom poms, colored chips or mini erasers for fun!

1 Corinthians 13, Love is...
{a set of printables I made for Totally Tots, read more about them here, and here-for bigger kids too}