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I have been asked by so many wonderful readers to put all of my learning tools/toys in one place for easy browsing, and I finally completed the task!  Here are my master lists, randomly organized so I can just add new links as I think of them!

You can see links to specific categories below on the right!  Happy playful learning!

You have a LOT of stuff!  Where do you get it all?
Yes, I do have a lot!  But I try really hard not to hang onto anything we don't use.  I have accumulated a wonderful supply of learning toys from various sources.  First, I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and back then purchased many of my own supplies, which I still have today.  I had learning tools before I even had my own kids!  Second, I have wonderful family who are very supportive and will often purchase learning toys off of our wishlists for birthdays and Christmas...and sometimes just for a special surprise ~ we truly are blessed!  Finally, I shop at used curriculum sales, thrift stores, consignment sales, & discount stores {Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.}!  If I bought it myself, chances are I didn't pay full price for it!  Finally, we have acquired some wonderful tools through hosting reviews/giveaways-although not so much anymore {it is a LOT of work}.  For the rest, Amazon is my best friend!

I am just getting started, what should I buy?
I do not recommend going nuts buying a whole bunch of stuff at first {unless you are rich...then go crazy!}. Most of the time, you have things around your house that can be used for Tot School/Preschool.  You can read more about this in my post called, "Tot School ~ Where Do I Begin?"