This is a Tot Book featuring a few different printables for you to use with your tot or preschooler.  Put them together into a Tot Book, or keep them separate for a Tot Pack.

Use a Tot Book or a Tot Pack to expose your toddler or preschooler to a wide variety of fun learning activities!  I recommend printing anything your tot will be using more than once on cardstock and laminating pieces if possible.  We use the laminator pictured below (love it!) and have used both the pouches that come with as well as the Office Depot Brand.  They both work great!
Remember, you don't have to make each piece the way it is shown, if your tot would pull apart the accordion, just cut the whole thing into little cards.  You can also print 2 of printable to make a matching activity for your child.  The pieces shown as books, would be great as individual pieces also!
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Feel free to print the PDF files for your own personal use.  They are for private and non-profit use only. Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else, you CAN link people here if you'd like!
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Skills included in this Tot Book: colors, numbers, name recognition, early reading